Example ONIX files for download
Sales and subscription

The example files contain each one product which is made available for sales, subscription or both.

There are multiple contributors, multiple BISAC, multiple THEMA and multiple prices (periods).

For more information you need to reference the specification below:

BlockReferenceShort_tagLong_tagValueONIX ListShort description
Header  /HeaderStart Header  

/SenderStart Sender


/SenderIdentifierStart SenderIdentifier

HeaderH.1m379/SenderIDType10 (= Centraal Boekhuis Relatie ID)List 44Identification within the Centraal Boekhuis systems
Centraal Boekhuis' relation_id

/SenderIdentifierEnd SenderIdentifier

HeaderH.4x298/SenderNameCB B.V.
Offical name Centraal Boekhuis
Contact person

/SenderEnd Sender


Sent date time in format YYYYMMDDTHH24MI
Header  /HeaderEnd Header  
Product  /ProductStart Product  
ProductP.1.1a001/RecordReferenceEAN of the product
The EAN for the ebook
ProductP.1.2a002/NotificationType 03 (= Notification confirmed on publication)List 1

/ProductIdentifierStart ProductIdentifier

ProductP.2.1b221/ProductIDType03 (= GTIN-13)List 5
ProductP.2.3b244/IDValueEAN of the product
The EAN for the eBook

/ProductIdentifierEnd ProductIdentifier

Descriptive detail  /Product/DescriptiveDetailStart Desciptive detail  
Descriptive detailP.3.1x314/ProductComposition00 (= Single-item retail product)List 2
Descriptive detailP.3.2b012/ProductFormEA (= Digital (delivered electronically) (PDF))
ED (= Digital download)
List 150
Descriptive detailP.3.3b333/ProductFormDetailE101 (= EPUB)
E107 (= PDF)
List 175
Descriptive detail

/ProductFormFeatureStart ProductFormFeature

Descriptive detailP.3.4b334/ProductFormFeatureType10 (= E-publication format version)List 79
Descriptive detailP.3.5b335/ProductFormFeatureValue2 (= EPUB2)
3 (= EPUB3)

EPUB version number
Descriptive detail

/ProductFormFeatureEnd ProductFormFeature

Descriptive detailP.3.16x317/EpubTechnicalProtection00 (= No protection)
02 (= Watermarking)
03 (= Adobe DRM)
List 144
Descriptive detail

/CollectionStart Collection
Applicable when e-book is part of a collection.
Descriptive detailP.5.1x329/CollectionType10 (= Publisher collection)List 148
Descriptive detail

/TitleDetailStart TitleDetail Collection

Descriptive detailP.5.6b202/TitleType01 (= Distinctive title (book); Cover title (serial); Title on item (serial content item or reviewed resource))List 15When collection is applicable more than one occurence of TitleDetail
Descriptive detail

/TitleElementStart TitleElement Collection

Descriptive detailP.5.7x409/TitleElement/TitleElementLevel02 (= Collection level)List 149
Descriptive detailP.5.8x410/TitleElement/PartNumber

Part number when collection is applicable
Descriptive detailP.5.10b203/TitleElement/TitleText

Part name when collection is applicable
Descriptive detail

/TitleElementEnd TitleElement Colletion

Descriptive detail

/TitleDetailEnd TitleDetail Collection

Descriptive detail

/CollectionEnd Collection

Descriptive detail

/TitleDetailStart TitleDetail

Descriptive detailP.6.1b202/TitleType01 (= Distinctive title (book); Cover title (serial); Title on item (serial content item or reviewed resource))List 15
Descriptive detail

/TitleElementStart TitleElement

Descriptive detailP.6.2x409/TitleElement/TitleElementLevel01 (= Product)List 149
Descriptive detailP.6.5b203/TitleElement/TitleText

Title as it should appear on site
Descriptive detailP.6.8b029/TitleElement/Subtitle

The text of a subtitle
Descriptive detail

/TitleElementEnd TitleElement

Descriptive detail

/TitleDetailEnd TitleDetail

Descriptive detail

/ContributorStart contributor(s)

Descriptive detailP.7.50n339/NoContributor

When no contributors are available this tag is provided.
Descriptive detailP.7.1b034/SequenceNumber

Descriptive detailP.7.2b035/ContributorRoleA01 (AUT / COR)           By (author)  
A12 (ILL)                         Illustrated by 
A13 (FOT)                      Photografed by
B015(BEW)                    Editorial coordination by
B06 (VER)                      Translated by
E07 (VOO)                     As told by
B01 (RED)                      Edited by
Z99 (SEC)                      Other Other
List 17
Descriptive detailP.7.9b036/PersonName

The full name of a person
Descriptive detailP.7.12b039/NamesbeforeKey

If Contributors has got a FirstName then send FirstName else send initials
Descriptive detailP.7.13b247/PrefixToKey

Contributor Prefix
Descriptive detailP.7.14b040/KeyNames

Contributor LastName
Descriptive detailP.7.19b047/CorporateName

If Contributor role = Corporation then send this tag
Descriptive detail

/ContributorEnd contributor(s)

Descriptive detail

/LanguageStart Language

Descriptive detailP.10.1b253/LanguageRole01 (= Language of tex) List 22
Descriptive detailP.10.2b252/LanguageCode
 List 74The language code for the language of the title
Descriptive detail

/LanguageEnd Language

Descriptive detail

/SubjectStart Subject

Descriptive detail

Descriptive detailP.12.1b067/SubjectSchemeIdentifier10 (= BISAC Subject Heading)
20 (= Keywords)
32 (= NUR)
List 27
Descriptive detailP.12.5b069/SubjectCode

BISAC code for the title
NUR code for the title
Descriptive detailP.12.6b070/SubjectHeadingText

Keyword for the title
Descriptive detail

/SubjectEnd Subject

Descriptive detail

/Product/DescriptiveDetailEnd Desciptive detail

Collateral detail  /Product/CollateralDetailStart Collateral detail  
Collateral detail

/TextContentStart Textcontent

Collateral detailP.14.1x426/TextType 03 (= Description)List 153 
Collateral detailP.14.2x427/ContentAudience 03 (= End-customers)List 154 
Collateral detailP.14.3d104/Text

Full description of eBook as it should appear on site
Collateral detail

/TextContentEnd Textcontent

Collateral detail

/Product/CollateralDetailEnd Collateral detail

Publishing detail  /Product/PublishingDetailStart Publishing detail  
Publishing detail

/ImprintStart Imprint

Publishing detailP.19.4b079/Imprint/ImprintName

The name of the imprint if apply to
Publishing detail

/ImprintEnd Imprint

Publishing detail

/PublisherStart Publisher

Publishing detailP.19.5b291/PublishingRole01 (= Publisher)List 45
Publishing detail

/PublisherIdentifierStart PublisherIdentifier

Publishing detailP.19.6x447/PublisherIDType10 (= Centraal Boekhuis Relatie ID)List 44 
Publishing detailP.19.8b244/IDValue

Unique id of publisher
Publishing detail

/PublisherIdentifierEnd PublisherIdentifier

Publishing detailP.19.9b081/Publisher/PublisherName

Name of publisher as it should appear on site
Publishing detail

/PublisherEnd Publisher

Publishing detailP.20.1b394/PublishingStatus01 (= Cancelled)
02 (= Forthcoming)
04 (= Active)
09 (= Unknown)
List 64
Publishing detail

/PublishingDateStart PublishingDate

Publishing detailP.20.3x448/PublishingDateRole01 (= Publication date)
02 (= Embargo date)
List 163
Publishing detailP.20.5b306/Date

Applicable date in format YYYYMMDD
Publishing detail

/PublishingDateEnd PublishingDate

Publishing detail

/SalesRightsStart SalesRights

Publishing detailP.21.1b089/SalesRights/SalesRightsType02 (= For unrestricted sale with non-exclusive rights in the specified countries or territories)List 46
Publishing detail

/TerritoryStart Territory

Publishing detailP.21.2x449/CountriesIncludedNL and/or BE and/or LUList 91
Publishing detailP.21.3x450/RegionsIncludedWORLD or ECZList 49
Publishing detail

/TerritoryEnd Territory

Publishing detail

/SalesRightsEnd SalesRights

Publishing detail

/Product/PublishingDetailEnd Publishing detail

Related material  /Product/RelatedMaterialStart Related material  
Related material

/RelatedProductStart RelatedProduct

Related materialP.23.1x445/ProductRelationCode13 (= Epublication based on (print product))List 51
Related material

/ProductIdentifierStart ProductIdentifier

Related materialP.23.2b221/ProductIDType03 (= GTIN-13)List 5
Related materialP.23.4b224/IDValue

Associated EAN if the title exists in another format
Related material

/ProductIdentifierEnd ProductIdentifier

Related material

/RelatedProductEnd RelatedProduct

Related material

/Product/RelatedMaterialEnd Related material

Product supply  /Product/ProductSupplyStart Product supply When a customer offers sales and subscription always 2 ProductSupply blocks are mentioned per product.  When a product is only available for sales, subscription is also mentioned as not available.
Product supply

/MarketStart Market

Product supply

/TerritoryStart Territory

Product supplyP.24.1x449/CountriesIncludedNL and/or BE and/or LUList 91
Product supplyP.24.2x450/RegionsIncludedWORLD or ECZList 49
Product supply

/TerritoryEnd Territory

Product supply

/SalesRestrictionStart SalesRestriction

Product supplyP.24.5b381/SalesRestrictionType13 (= Restricted to organisations or services offering consumers subscription access to a library of books)List 71
Product supply

/SalesRestrictionEnd SalesRestriction

Product supply

/MarketEnd Market

Product supply

/SupplyDetailStart SupplyDetail

Product supply

/SupplierStart Supplier

Product supplyP.26.1j292/SupplierRole00 (= Unspecified)List 93
Product supplyP.26.5j137/SupplierNameCB

Product supply

/SupplierEnd Supplier

Product supplyP.26.17j396/ProductAvailability01 (= Cancelled)
10 (= Not yet available)
21 (= In Stock)
34 (= Temporarily withdrawn from sale)
40 (= Not available)
List 65
Product supply

/SupplyDateStart SupplyDate
Only applicable when ProductAvailability is 10 or 40
Product supplyP.26.18x461/SupplyDateRole08 (= Expected availability date)List 166
Product supplyP.26.20b308/Date

Product supply

/SupplyDateEnd SupplyDate

Product supply

/PriceStart Price

Product supplyP.26.43x462/PriceType02 (= RRP including tax)
06 (= Supplier’s net price excluding tax: rental goods)
42 (= Publishers retail price including tax)
List 58
Product supplyP.26.62j151/PriceAmount

Suggested List Price when PriceType = 02 or 42
Product supply

/PriceCodedStart PriceCoded
Only applicable when publisher registrered an identification to identify the business model agreed between publisher and customer
Product supplyP.26.63x465/PriceCodeType01 (= Proprietary)List 179
Product supplyP.26.64x477/PriceCodeTypeNamePRIJSAFSPRAAKKENMERK

Product supplyP.26.65x468/PriceCode

Identification for the product to identify the business model agreed between publisher and customer
Product supply

/PriceCodedEnd PriceCoded

Product supplyP.26.82j152/CurrencyCodeEURList 96
Product supply

/PriceDateStart PriceDate
When more prices in a period are valid, then repeatable
Product supplyP.26.83x476/PriceDateRole14 (= Date from)
15 (= Date until)
List 173
Product supplyP.26.85b306/Date

Product supply

/PriceDateEnd PriceDate

Product supply

/PriceEnd Price

Product supply

/SupplyDetailEnd SupplyDetail

Product supply

/Product/ProductSupplyEnd Product supply

Product  /ProductEnd Product  

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